show|er1 S2 [ˈʃauə US ʃaur] n
1¦(for washing in)¦
2¦(act of washing)¦
4¦(lots of things)¦
[: Old English; Origin: scur]
a piece of equipment that you stand under to wash your whole body
Why does the phone always ring when I'm in the shower?
I'd like to use the shower if that's all right.
The bathroom has a separate shower cubicle (=a shower in a separate part of the room) .
an act of washing your body while standing under a shower
I need a shower.
take a shower
Nick rolled out of bed and took a shower.
have a shower
especially BrE
Mary loves having a hot shower after she's been swimming.
3.) ¦(RAIN)¦
a short period of rain or snow
More heavy showers are forecast for tonight.
a shower of rain
a snow shower
A few wintry showers are likely on the east coast.
a lot of small, light things falling or going through the air together
shower of
Peter kicked the fire and sent up a shower of sparks .
A shower of leaves fell towards the ground.
5.) ¦(PARTY)¦
AmE a party at which presents are given to a woman who is going to get married or have a baby
We gave a shower for Beth.
a baby shower
6.) ¦(PEOPLE)¦ [usually singular]
BrE informal a group of stupid or lazy people
shower 2
shower2 v
1.) [I]
to wash your whole body while standing under a shower
Mike shaved and showered.
2.) [T]
to give someone a lot of things
shower sb with sth
She showered him with kisses.
Tom showered Amy with presents.
shower sth on/upon sb
She had no children and showered her love on her three nieces.
3.) [I always + adverb/preposition, T]
to scatter a lot of things onto a person or place, or to be scattered in this way
shower down/over/upon
The top shelf broke and books showered down.
shower sth with sth
The ship was showered with hot ash from the volcano.
shower sth on/over sth
Hundreds of leaflets were showered over the town.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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